During the execution of the project, it is aimed to achieve the following results:

  • Design and development of a demonstrative pilot plant with a treatment capacity of 200 kg/h of discarded FPDs, with the aim at recycling up to 80% indium and yttrium content, achieving purity higher than 95%.
  • Obtainment of up to 70% of recyclable fractions, such as iron, aluminum or plastic by conventional methods.
  • Recovery of up to 80% of other valuable metals such as silver contained in some types of FPDs.
  • Recycling 100 tons of FPDs during the demonstration phase, recovering 1,5kg of indium, 3kg of yttrium and 1,5kg of silver.
  • Reduction of the European dependence on Chinese RE and valuable metals by recycling FPDs discarded at the end of their life cycle.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact associated to the primary extraction of RE from mines.
  • Re-use of the recovered indium, yttrium and other valuable metals, such as silver, as high quality products for different applications.
  • Adaptability of the plant to different FPDs from different sources and characteristics.
  • Achievement of a technology suitable to be applied in different sectors and located in strategic places, in order to recycle FPDs in their end of life, and obtaining recycled indium, yttrium and silver as high added value metals to be used for a wide variety of common applications.