“Green jobs for a greener future”

Technological Center L’Urederra has organized past May 31st a regional event on the occasion of the EU Green Week 2017 with the theme of ‘Green jobs for a greener future’.
After a brief presentation of the event, Raquel Echeverría (L’Urederra) did an explanation of the RECUMETAL project, which works on the recycling of flat discarded screens. Next, Camino Osteriz (Aspace-Ecointegra) explained the work model of Ecointegra in WEEE Management and green job creation. Luis Sanz (GAN-NIK) explained the project LIFE-IREKIBAI and the work of Gestión Ambiental de Navarra in the project. Irache Roa (TEDER) explained the Sustainable Development Strategy of the region of Tierra Estella. Finally, Delia Sola of the Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Government of the Government of Navarra, through the presentation of several LIFE projects coordinated by the Department has set as an example the development of the agricultural sector for the creation of green jobs.
The event was attended by around 30 people, including representatives of L’Urederra, Aspace-Ecointegra, GAN-NIK (Gestión Ambiental de Navarra), Government of Navarre, ADITECH, Mancomunidad de Montejurra, INTIA, TEDER , Áridos Reciclados de Navarra, Sagarte, Bodegas Fernández de Arcaya, as well as several representatives of municipalities of the region.