Celebration of the Workshop on recycling of valuable metals, Febrary 20, 2019

L’Urederra organized a workshop of the RECUMETAL project on the subject of new technologies for the recovery of valuable metals on February 20, 2019 at the facilities of the Lurederra Technology Centre in Los Arcos (Navarra).

During the day Camino Osteriz, Director of the Ecointegra Plant (RAEEs Recycling Plant of the Aspace Navarra Foundation) talked about the recycling of RAEEs, with special emphasis on the current and future state in the recycling of flat screens. On the other hand, Julen Etxebeste of the Social Innovation Unit of Navarra (Aditech Corporation), talked about social innovation in Navarra, placing the strategic value of the RECUMETAL project as a model project that unites technological, social and environmental aspects. Finally, the L’Urederra Technology Centre showed the technologies developed during the RECUMETAL project for the recycling of flat screens and the recovery of contained critical metals, as well as other potential applications. In addition, a visit to the chemical treatment plant developed during the project was carried out, where it could see the recovery process of the critical metals contained in the fractions obtained from the recycling of the flat screens.

The event was attended by 22 people, including representatives of L’Urederra, Ecointegra, INM, ADITECH, Servicios de Montejurra S.A., Traperos de Emaus, CENER, UPNA, Áridos Reciclados de Navarra, as well as several representatives of municipalities of the region.